Application Integration

Application Integration



The best way to accelerate delivery of real-time application integration



Talend delivers a unified platform for application integration and data integration allowing firms to increase business productivity, deliver projects faster, and lower operating costs. As part of the Talend Data Fabric, Talend Application Integration provides a high-speed services backbone and enables you to build a service-oriented architecture to connect, mediate and manage services in real-time. Based on best-in-class and extensible open source ESB and Data Integration technology, Talend empowers organizations to take advantage of more applications and data resources than ever before.







Integrate applications, services,

and APIs without coding.

Simplify complex mapping


Deliver and enforce

enterprise security.




Realize All the Benefits of All your Applications


Integrate business applications, services, and APIs without coding.


Talend speeds time to project completion by making developers more productive through an Eclipse-based tooling environment for modeling, testing and deploying application integration solutions. By combining best in class service creation, message mediation, data integration and data quality in one unified platform, organizations are able to rapidly take advantage of more applications and data resources than ever before.


Solve even the most complex mapping problems.


Talend provides the most advanced mapping and data transformation tools to simplify the integration of complex data, so you can spend more time on new projects and less time on maintenance. Our powerful built-in data mapper makes it a breeze to work with and graphically manipulate complex, legacy and vertical industry data formats.


Deliver and enforce enterprise security requirements.


Talend’s point-and-click, wizard-driven security configuration makes it easy to setup and enforce security policies and controls. Our built-in security framework fulfils the toughest security requirements for web services, while staying lightweight, open and flexible.



Enable Real-Time Application Integration








Data Lifecycle


Use Talend Studio to design application integration jobs with a drag-and-drop user interface.

Start testing with Talend Studio to ensure functionality and end-to-end flow.

Deploy on-premise or in the cloud with trusted security policies and governance.

Centralize deployment and manage more through a web-based Administration Console.

Extend easily to the Internet of Things with built-in connectivity to machines and devices.