Application Management


Every executive understands the need to invest in applications, but many are understandably frustrated when they discover that operations and maintenance (O&M) costs have grown to absorb as much as 70% of their information technology (IT) budget.   At that point, the cost of keeping current applications working can choke off resources required to meet the ever-changing needs of the business. Our managed services are designed to help organizations in their efforts to use smart, efficient ways to optimize and realize more value from application portfolios. We deliver services through a distributed network and leverage a highly industrialised model to help organisations accelerate through application go-live and toward operating at peak performance. Our services are designed to deliver value throughout every phase of the application portfolio life cycle.   Business Intelligence and Integration landscapes today, are large and diverse, trending toward more complexity, not less.  


Research indicates that this complexity has become costly – with an estimated two out of three IT dollars now spent maintaining existing technology. IT executives are faced with the unwieldy challenge of controlling cost, and delivering on quality and risk, all while improving returns and responding to the ever changing needs of the business. Traditional approaches focused on pure labor arbitrage are not addressing the complete challenge, leaving executives searching for more from their application portfolio investments. Data Technologies Application Management Services (AMS) provides a flexible structure that allows us to tune the delivery of our services to the specific objectives and priorities of our clients.   Our straight-forward approach is focused on helping our clients in their efforts to achieve better business results and continuous measurement, and enable smart, efficient decisions to drive down costs, improve quality, and accelerate value. If your companies Business Intelligence or Integration portfolio seems removed from the business and you are looking to get more from your application portfolio investments, call us.