Data Integration

Collaborative Data Integration



The fastest, most cost effective way to connect data.


Talend offers robust data integration in an open and scalable architecture to maximize its value to your business. Simple, graphical tools and wizards get you up and running quickly with native code generation that streamlines development.




Immediate Benefits, Long-term Results





Develop and deploy

10 times faster.

Increase trust in data.

Lower cost of ownership.








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Develop 3 times faster and do more with your data.



Talend Studio features over 800 connectors to natively connect databases, flat files, cloud-based applications and more data. Graphical drag-and-drop tools and wizards speed design, testing, and generation of code in the languages you need. Easily manage and monitor projects from simple, one-time ETL projects to complex, ongoing data synchronization projects requiring thousands of jobs. Teams leverage a shared repository and versioning tools for maximum productivity.



Improve data accuracy and increase trust.


Talend Data Quality profiles data, identifies anomalies, cleanses data and monitors data quality over time regardless of format or size. Through data de-duplication, validation, standardization and enrichment you create clean and high-quality data for access, reporting and analytics. Integrate external reference data sources for postal validation, business identification, credit score information, and more.



Respond Faster to Business Needs





Data Lifecycle


Use Talend Studio to design data integration jobs with a drag and drop user interface.

Enable teams of developers to collaborate better using a shared repository.

Use profiling and data matching studio to understand and cleanse your data more accurately.

Centralize deployment and manage more through a web-based Administration Console.

Scale up with a high availability environment, virtual servers, and advanced clustering.