Google Cloud SQL



Store and manage data using a fully-managed, relational MySQL database. Google handles replication, patch management and database management to ensure availability and performance.




MySQL databases deployed in the cloud without a fuss. Google Cloud Platform provides you with powerful databases that run fast, don’t run out of space and give your application the redundant, reliable storage it needs.


Familiar Infrastructure


Build and deploy for the cloud faster because Cloud SQL offers standard MySQL databases, the most popular open source database in the world. Instances available up to 16GB RAM, 100GB storage.


Flexible Charging


Our pay per use option makes it economical to get started. If you’re running a lightly or sporadically used database, you’ll save money by only paying for the time you access your data. The package option allows you to control your costs for more heavily loaded instances.


Security, Availability, Durability


Your data is replicated in many geographic locations as standard, and failover between them is handled automatically. This means your data is safe and your database is available even in the event of a major failure. We also manage your backups, making it easy for you to restore when needed.


Easier Migration; No Lock-in


Standard connections and tools such as mysqldump, MySQL Wire Protocol, and JDBC make it easier to migrate onto (or off!) Google Cloud Platform, and avoids lock-in.




Its easy to manage and access your instances through the cloud console or JSON API.


Fully managed


No worrying about replication, patch management or database management – we take care of it.



About Google Cloud SQL


Google Cloud SQL is a MySQL database that lives in Google’s cloud. It has all the capabilities and functionality of MySQL, with a few additional features and a few unsupported features as listed below. Google Cloud SQL is easy to use, doesn’t require any software installation or maintenance and is ideal for small to medium-sized applications.


You can connect to a Google Cloud SQL instance from:


– MySQL Client


– Third-party tools like SQL Workbench or Toad for MySQL


– External applications using standard MySQL database drivers


– App Engine Java applications


– App Engine Python applications


– Google Apps Script scripts