QlikView NPrinting

Introducing QlikView® NPrinting



An advanced report generation, distribution and scheduling application for QlikView.



QlikView NPrinting enables organizations to create great looking reports quickly, in a variety of popular formats including Office and pixel perfect (.PDF), using data and analytics from QlikView. NPrinting ensures that the right reports get to the right people, how and when they need them, either through centralized scheduling and distribution or on-demand access. With NPrinting, QlikView can serve as a single system for both interactive analytics and reporting, allowing organizations to retire redundant systems and save significant costs.





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Create Great Looking Reports Fast


Office Reports and Integration

Create great looking reports quickly and easily, in popular Office formats such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, using data and analytics from QlikView. Drag-and-drop simplicity allows for easy creation of Office documents with tables, charts, and objects from one or more QlikView apps.

Office Reports and Integration

Create highly polished pixel perfect reports, and HTML reports for web publication, through built-in editors, using data and analytics from QlikView. Advanced customization including banding, scripting, and advanced formatting and graphics allow for high quality custom reports directly from QlikView.





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Distribute the right reports to the right people.


Managed Report Distribution

Centrally schedule, generate, and deliver reports to a variety of recipients, with filtered information customized to the user. Reports can be scheduled or run conditionally, encrypted for secure distribution, and delivered through a variety of channels including email, file transfer, and web.

On-Demand Reporting

Request a report directly from a QlikView app in an on-demand fashion, based on the current selection state. On-demand server generates reports as users request them, based on current selection state, combining it with pre-defined report filters for a customized view.







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Drive report efficiencies 


Eliminate Legacy Reporting Systems

Drive both analysis and reporting from the QlikView platform, allowing the retirement of redundant reporting systems. The same data model can be used for both interactive analytics and reporting, and data discovery can be promoted via live links to QlikView apps in reports.

Engage With A Single Vendor

Organizations can contract directly with Qlik to procure reporting capabilities. Qlik provides service and support for NPrinting products and makes investments in the products, including next-generation capabilities for QlikView and Qlik Sense.