Big Data

Simplify Big Data Integration




The first Hadoop-based data integration platform.


Talend simplifies the integration of big data so you can respond to business demands without having to write or maintain complicated Apache Hadoop code. Enable existing developers to start working with Hadoop and NoSQL databases today. Use simple, graphical tools and wizards to generate native code that leverages the full power of Hadoop and accelerates your path to informed decisions.






Blazing fast speed and scale

with Spark and Hadoop.



Deliver Big Data

analytics in the cloud.



Protect your investments with

a future-proof architecture.







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Go from zero to big data in under 10 minutes.



Get big data going without coding. The Talend Big Data Sandbox is a ready-to-run virtual environment that includes Talend Platform for Big Data, popular Hadoop distributions and big data examples.




Run data integration at the speed and scale of Hadoop.


Only Talend takes advantage of the massively parallel environment of Hadoop distributions through native and optimized code generation. Load, transform, enrich, and cleanse data inside Hadoop without additional storage or computing expense. Running data quality inside of Hadoop increases performance and data accuracy, so you can make more informed decisions with full confidence in data quality.



Protect big data investments with a future-proof architecture.


Talend was the first to provide support and technical previews for MapReduce and YARN, and now Spark and Storm. As new Hadoop frameworks are released, you can stay ahead of the innovation curve without learning new coding languages.

Only Talend delivers a unified platform for data, application, and process integration to meet today and tomorrow’s business needs.




Speed up Your Big Data Integration Projects





Data Lifecycle


Use Talend Studio to design data integration jobs with a drag and drop user interface.

Enable teams of developers to collaborate better using a shared repository.

Use native Hadoop profiling and data matching to understand and cleanse data more accurately.

Leverage big data consoles to centrally manage and monitor your projects.

Achieve infinite scale with native Hadoop code.




Develop integration jobs 10 times as fast and do more with data.


Talend Studio gives you access to over 800 connectors and components, including native support for Hadoop, NoSQL, and all your structured and unstructured data sources. Graphical drag-and-drop tools and wizards speed design, deployment and maintenance. No need to learn MapReduce and tweak custom code, just design your integration jobs and Talend does the heavy lifting.