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Poor data quality can cost large organizations tens of millions per year. Using incorrect information negatively impacts customer experiences, day-to-day operations, regulatory reports and overall decision-making.


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Talend offers a complete solution for managing enterprise data quality. With Talend, you can eliminate inconsistent data, enforce rules and create consistent information through standardization. Data governance teams become more productive by working together to access, understand and standardize data for any data domain such as name, address or product data. The solution includes powerful data integration software, so you can assess and cleanse virtually any type of data without having to copy and convert it.





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How it Works: Powerful and Complete Data Quality Solution



A Complete Solution


Talend provides a complete data quality solution with built-in data connectivity, profiling, cleansing, matching and monitoring to address all your data quality and data governance needs. Data quality capabilities can be scaled to handle anything from flat text files to enterprise data to Hadoop. Talend is able to leverage the best capabilities of the platform to provide data quality seamlessly across many data types and over any data volume.


Data Profiling


Data profiling is about understanding your data completely and fully, and making sure it conforms to company and industry standards. With Talend, users can profile and analyze data, then create and share web-based reports on the quality of the data. With this information you can build team alignment on the use of data and highlight areas for improvement. Talend provides pre-defined tests to ensure data quality is fit-for-use within your enterprise application, or you can define your own.



Data Standardization and Enrichment


Built-in data integration and powerful parsing technology are the secrets behind Talend’s data standardization and enrichment capabilities. Use the integrated parsing technology to assign structure to data that has none. Then achieve data quality improvement and enrichment by using free reference data. Talend provides convenient ways to integrate most external reference data sources for postal validation, business identification and credit score information, to name just a few.



Data Matching and Survivorship


Talend provides a new generation of data matching solutions that moves the process of overly complex, green-screen match rules editing to real-world business users. Users can configure matching within the Talend user environment instead of heavy editing of rules files and using multiple GUIs that are associated with most data quality tools. Create ‘what-if’ analysis when modifying matching techniques with charts and graphs for key matching metrics.