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Spatial analysis is more than simply understanding the physical location of key assets on a map. It’s about gaining a richer perspective on service offerings, consumer interaction, transactional information, and how location and demographics play into an organization’s performance.

Systematically analyzing relationships between the spatial environment and organizational performance offers a wealth of information; yet, many analysts struggle with spatial analytics because it requires them to blend geospatial data with traditional datasets. Most existing business intelligence and spatial analytics tools simply display spatial data on a map, leaving the analysis between operational data and location to the user.

Alteryx delivers a single platform that business analysts can use to blend geospatial data with traditional datasets for true spatial analysis. Through an intuitive workflow that easily connects to many types of data sets, geocodes them, combines them spatially, and even enriches them with demographic data; Alteryx makes location intelligence easy and accessible, and provides richer spatial analytic insights that can be used to gain operational, transactional, and competitive advantages.




Key Alteryx capabilities for Spatial Analytics:

  • Geocode large volumes of traditional data quickly to prepare it for spatial analysis
  • Create trade areas based on drive time, and blend data by physical proximity
  • Perform advanced spatial analytics for additional insights without writing code or moving data to a separate platform




Download Whitepaper 6 Steps to Data Blending for Spatial Analytics